BBQ Nachos by The General

Yep, this exists but it’s nothing like you imagined.

At some point in my BBQ career I had imagined I’d try tossing some cheese, fresh veggies, maybe some pre-cooked ground meet, and salsa on nachos and baking them on my Big Green Egg.  However, after a recent trip to The Lancaster Smokehouse in Kitchener I’ve had my eyes opened to an entirely new method of BBQ nachos – a true BBQ version of this tasty dish.

Spread at the Lancaster SmokehouseHere’s what The General does at the Smokehouse…he sprinkles shredded cheese on top of nachos and serves sliced peppers, fresh salsa and sour cream along side.

Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention they pile about 45 lbs of the juiciest pulled pork you’ve ever tasted on top of the nachos.  It melts the cheese and adds about four inches to the height of the dish.

45 lbs may be a slight exaggeration but I can guarantee this is the meatiest plat of nachos you can get.  Besides being extremely tasty and filling, this also comes in at the standard nacho price making it the best value when it comes to maximizing your meat intake.  Don’t be fooled – this is not an appetizer.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to KW’s best BBQ joint!

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