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My name is Joe. Contrary to this blogs name I’m not actually that big and most often not green. I have several grills ranging from gas to charcoal with my prize jewel being my Big Green Egg. I don’t fancy myself an expert griller by any means – I’m simply enjoying life as an amateur grill enthusiast and hoping to share some great stories with others that simply love cooking over fire.

Big Green Joe Ribs

Intro When it comes to Big Green Joe Ribs I prefer them Kansas City style (just like pulled pork) – sweet and sticky with some subtle heat underneath.  There are three things you need: rub, sauce, and a great way to cook them (you also need the ribs themselves – see the ‘Cooking Method’ section […]

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Big Green Egg Turkey

Summary Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…whatever the holiday it seems Turkey is always the go-to protein.  It’s abundant, affordable, tasty, and usually easy.  I only cook one kind of turkey – the Big Green Egg Turkey.  An oven-roasted turkey tends to land somewhere on a spectrum of ‘bad’ to ‘good’.  A Big Green Egg Turkey can only […]

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Great Canadian BBQ

Canada is not known for great weather but we love BBQ just the same.  So come wind, rain, snow, ice, and whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw at us, we still light up the grill and enjoy some great Canadian BBQ. Today marked the first real snowfall in Waterloo, ON.  Despite the cold temperatures […]

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Big Green Egg Pulled Pork: Kansas City Style

There are many styles of BBQ and I enjoy most but my favorite has to be Kansas City style.  Low and slow, sweet and spicy, thick and juicy – you can’t beat it!  I recently threw a surprise birthday party for my fantastic mother and knew there was only one way to truly show our […]

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Sweet & Garlicky Pork Loin Roast on The Big Green Egg

A couple weeks ago I tried a new technique with pork and the results were great – so great that one of my guests went into labour shortly after eating. Yes, the Big Green Egg is so good that even unborn babies are finding new ways to get at it. My pork experiment was to […]

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Bacon Makes Everything Better

As this fantastic stretch of weather lingers, my Big Green Egg and Corona bottle opener continue to get a good workout.  Last night we went with bacon wrapped chicken. I grilled it over 325° heat and used a mixture of apple wood and hickory wood chips to give it a little smoke. As you would […]

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Nashville Style Hot Chikan Shak Chicken

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch with my Dad at the Lancaster Smoke House in Kitchener.  It was his first time there and he seemed impressed.  He went with the Hog Tails Signature BBQ Chicken Sandwich.  I’ve had this before and you can’t go wrong.  The General does a lot of […]

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Last Nights Perfect Steaks

I recently put up a post discussing methods used to cook steak.  Some tweets followed and @truenorthbbq linked me up with some tips on how to grill perfect steaks. Last night I gave this ‘perfect method’ a try on some tenderloins and it delivered big time.  I won’t post the process in detail but you […]

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BBQ Nachos by The General

Yep, this exists but it’s nothing like you imagined. At some point in my BBQ career I had imagined I’d try tossing some cheese, fresh veggies, maybe some pre-cooked ground meet, and salsa on nachos and baking them on my Big Green Egg.  However, after a recent trip to The Lancaster Smokehouse in Kitchener I’ve […]

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How do you grill your steak?

There are two schools when it comes to cooking steak; the ‘low and slow’ method and the super-heated sear tactic. Low and slow is less harsh and leaves the meat tender and juicy as long as you don’t go too slowly.  Time can range from 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the steak, temperature […]

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