Last Nights Perfect Steaks

Losts of Great SidesI recently put up a post discussing methods used to cook steak.  Some tweets followed and @truenorthbbq linked me up with some tips on how to grill perfect steaks.

Last night I gave this ‘perfect method’ a try on some tenderloins and it delivered big time.  I won’t post the process in detail but you can view it on the True North Barbeque blog: How to Grill Perfect Steaks.  The steaks were also accompanied by some great sides; roasted potatoes with onions, asparagus, and baby garlic (which ended up slightly overcooked).

Searing the Perfect SteaksI fell short in a couple areas of the ‘perfect method’ and learned a few lessons…

  1. My ‘death sear’ on the Big Green Egg was only about 650-700 degrees so I left the steaks on a few seconds longer.  When I say a ‘few’ I mean it literally.  At a recommended 1000 degrees the ‘death sear’ is not a joke.  Think of holding your breath – a few seconds at the end can make a world of difference.  Next time I’ll use some cocoanut charcoal or a hair dryer to get the temperature up to the recommended 1000 degrees.
  2. Perfect SteaksI over seasoned during the rest period.  I’m used to seasoning steaks before they are seared so I’m fairly liberal.  When using the ‘perfect method’ you season before a low cook, which does not burn off the seasoning.  Next time I’ll be more conservative.
  3. My theory that seared meat does not absorb smoke as well as raw meat was disproved.  I swear I could taste smoke in the pink middle.

The Perfect MealWhen all was said and done we ate world-class steak last night.  Given this was my first attempt at the perfect method (there is still lots of room for improvement in my execution) and it turned out so well, I’d say this method is an absolute winner.

A big thanks to @truenorthbbq for the great advice and many tasty nights ahead!

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